1/2 day SW Florida Bird Workshop

March 5, 2015 

SW Florida Birds in Flight 

Northern Sarasota Area

These half-day workshops are designed to coincide with my presentations at the Florida Camera Club Council’s conference.  The group size is limited to 4 (per ½ day session) and will concentrate on getting tack sharp images of birds in flight as well as nesting or mating birds.  We will be going to a rookery where you will have opportunities for wood storks, night herons, snowy egrets, great egrets, great blue herons, roseate spoonbills, and more! The group will meet before sunrise each morning at a boat ramp location provided when you arrive. We will be working off a very comfortable private pontoon boat charter and we will be shooting hand held. The water is very calm. I recommend either the 70-200mm with a 1.4 teleconverter, the 120-300mm, the 150-500mm or similar. Each session will last approximately 3 hours and the cost is $225.  Sign up for the morning and afternoon session and the cost is $400.  Unlike my other tours, lodging and transportation are not included in the cost.

Remember to bring a fully charged camera, plenty of memory cards, and at least one lens in the range mentioned above.


Cindy Cone - Hi Roman,

I shoot a lot of birds in flight, but I’m sure you can give me a few tips. So, I’d love to do a half -day session with you in Sarasota. There’s a good chance I can get others to fill the 4 person session. We’re in Fort Myers so can be flexible o

admin - Hey Cindy,

That’s great news and you will really enjoy it. Let’s put you in on the 5th. I’ll email with the deposit info as well. I would be getting excited about the FCCC conference….but I have a ton on the plate before then!



Bob Wells - Hi Roman, I took your macro class and the VLA shoot at Bosque and loved them! I’m interested in the Sarasota shoot on March 5 but since you’re recommending fairly short lenses I wonder if I have good lenses for it. I shoot with a Canon 6D and have:

1) Canon 400 5.6 L It’s a great lens and superb for birds in flight, but will it be too long since I can’t reduce the zoom? That’s rarely a problem and normally I just wish it were longer!
2) Canon 70-300 USM IS It’s the non-L but it’s very good.

If they’ll work I’ll probably make it.

admin - Hi Bob,

I would bring both lenses. The 400mm will probably work well although you may find yourself using the 70-300mm at the far end as well. Can’t hurt to have both with you. Let me know,


Janyce Hess - Hi Roman,

Any room on the 1/2 day in Sarasota?

admin - Right now Yes Janyce!

Bob Wells - I’m ready to sign-up! tel me how

Bob Wells - I’m ready to sign-up! Tell me how.

admin - Hi Bob,

You can use the PayPal pay now button on the bottom of the link or email me at rkurywczak@gmail.com and I will send you the instructions.

Sue Knapp - I contacted you earlier this evening about registering for a 1/2 day session on SW Birds in Flight on March 5. It’s the morning session I’d like to register for. I also need the instructions for using Paypal. Sending you an email directly. Thanks and hope you still have room in that session. – Sue Knapp

Peg Harned - Hi Roman. I had the really wonderful opportunity to take two classes with you last Spring. I would really like to be with you and Cindy Cone for this 1/2 DAY SW FLORIDA BIRD WORKSHOP
MARCH 5, 2015



Please add me to your list.

Peg Harned (janet.peg@gmail.com)

Peg Harned - Hi Roman, I enjoyed taking classes with you last Spring in St. Augustine. I am delighted that you are offering a morning class photographing bird activities here on the west coast of Florida. I would like to schedule the morning of March 5th as I would be traveling with Cindy Cone. Please email instructions for payment.

admin - Hi Peg,

You can pay two way…either use the Pay Now button on the bottom of the Workshop Page to use a credit card or I will send you an email with my adress to send the check. As a poicy, I cannot hold spots unless payment is made.

Bob Wells - Hi Roman, I’m assuming you will be emailing us details soon as to where and when we meet?

I’m looking forward to it!

Roman - Will do Bob when I get back to NJ tomorrow!

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