Arches/Canyonlands/Monument Valley

This is my most popular workshop covering Arches/Canyonlands/Monument Valley.  This workshop will start with your arrival sometimes around noon on March 17th  (or May 10th 2nd workshop)  into Salt Lake City and then leave on the morning or midday of the 27th . (or May 20th 2nd workshop) The cost of this is going to be $4,295 as I am using the View Hotel while in MV to minimize travel times.  It will be colder in March than my May trip but not as crowded and the Milky Way still be pretty visible.  Both are limited to 4 as usual.  A single supplement is $1,100. Both are geared towards night shoots in every park, and timed to coincide with the moon phase as light painting has been banned in the park. We will also have  many sunrise or sunset opportunities depending on the weather. As always, I will adjust my itinerary depending on conditions.  You can see what to expect on the gallery of previous workshops.

A Night at Courthouse Towers

SUSAN BLACKBURN - Hi Roman; could you give more detail about this tour and the one to Tanzania? Or is it listed somewhere else? Thanks

admin - Hi Susan,
The Arches tour details are here
and the Tanzania tour here. if you need any more information please email me at as I don’t post specifics as other photographers like to “borrow” my itineraries.

Bob Miller - HI Roman,,,,can you tell me what is not included in the cost of the arches workshop?

admin - Hi Bob,
Accommodations, transportation (after your arrival in SLC), lodging (based on DO), entrance fees, as well as guide fees. Meals not included as well as items of personal nature.

Bob Miller - Hey Roman..I am confused!I asked for what was NOT included. I think you mean and airflight to SLC, and meals. Correct?

admin - Sorry Bob…..too much multitasking. Flight to SLC and meals not included.

Bob Miller - One more question….Will this trip require hiking more than a mile. My wife cannot hike much more than this

admin - absolutely not! The longest will be 1 mile round trip. Most are only a couple of hundred yards from the vehicle.

Pat - It sounds like a fantastic trip but I still work a full-time job and don’t want to use 7 days of vacation. Do you ever let people attend for shorter period of time? Flying into Flagstaff is only a 3 hour drive to the hotel. I could fly in on Friday, rent my own car and be there for Saturday-Tuesday and leave on Wednesday.

Roman - Hi Pat,

Unfortunately I can’t as it really doesn’t fit into my small group size of 4. It also poses logistical problems with the vehicles etc.

Sorry but thanks for your interest,


Pam Keenan - Looking for Iceland 2018..

Roman - I will be posting it shortly and email you first.

Joel L Southerland - Love the size of the group and prices look really reasonable. May take a look at 2018!

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