Radio City Music Hall Photo Contest Winner Announcement!

Congratulations Betty Wiley for having your image above chosen as the winner of my Radio City Music Hall workshop photo contest!!!   Susan and I felt the image showed a great perspective of the grand lobby and your processing made it shine!  You will receive your choice of any Topaz Labs Software.  Congratulations to you!!! As […]

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Lori Whalen - Spectacular. Congratulations

Vicki DeVico - Both images are worthy of awards…great job!

Susan Candelario - Congratulations!

roamin with roman - Thanks for pooping in Lori and I agree!

roamin with roman - I agree Vicki!

Kelly Carey - Awesome! Congratulations to Betty! Thats one fantastic shot worthy of the grand prize!

ecindy stein - Congrats to both winners, but we’re all winners cause it was a fantastic day!

Induro GHB2 Gimbal Head Review

I am always on the lookout for new gear that I can recommend to all of you that I would use myself. Every once in a while a product comes along that catches my attention and the Induro GHB2 Gimbal Style head is one such product.  For over 7 years I have used the Wimberly v1 Gimbal Style head […]

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Roaming with the GHB2 Gimbal Head | Induro Blog - […] Glad you enjoyed the GHB2 Gimbal Head, Roman. Thanks for the detailed review. […]

Vicki - Thanks Roman but I’m stuck at Step One. I’m unable to attach the lens foot plate to my lens. Can you give me hand?

roamin with roman - Does it have the allen screw? Usually there is just one.

Vicki - I’ve got 3 screws. None of them fit thru the aperture of the foot plate. I’m not sure what you mean by alien. Thanks for getting back to me!

Vicki - I just took pix of what I’ve got if there is a place I can post them for you to look at. I starting to think the lens foot plate is the wrong model – it doesn’t match the pix in the instrux. Really scratching my head over this.

roamin with roman - I don’t have the plate on hand….but make sure the plate isn’t upside down. It should have a recessed area.

Vicki - It does but the screws don’t fit thru the grooves.

roamin with roman - Sometimes you have to thread it too…but send pic first.

Vicki - I just sent 3 photos – small size for faster transmission. Let me know if you can see them ok

roamin with roman - I got 2 of the 3. Send a pic of just both sides of the plate. The large screw looks like the right one…..the smaller ones are just locking/safety screws). I would double check the box as well but I will wait for the plate images.

roamin with roman - Hope you got my reply! You have to find the hole in the long slot that is a bit bigger. Thread it in (it will be a bit tight) and once it is threaded in… should slide freely. Make sure to check your lens foot plate whether it need one or 2 screws!

Vicki - I did Roman! The picture you sent and the guidance re the tight threading made all the difference. I never would have “forced” it otherwise. I got the screw threaded and on the lens plate. I think I’m good. Thank you so much.

roamin with roman - You’re welcome and glad I could help! You will love it too!

What’s in my bag? » Roamin' with Roman Photo Tours - […] I use.  It provides me a full range of motion and is a joy to use.  My review on it can be found here.  I hand hold all my other lenses but for those of you who may get a bit tired holding those […]

March Arches/Monument Valley Tour Report

I’m started working on some images from my late March instructional tour to the Arches area.  The group photographed some popular areas in Arches and Canyonlands national park as well as a private tour into Monument Valley and the Slot Canyons.  We did get out for a lot of night photography in all those areas…..including […]

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Philip Witt - Very nice, Roman. Looking forward to next February.

roamin with roman - Ideally we get snow and clear night skies for you and Becky!