Final August Tanzania Tour Report

As I look back at last Augusts’ tour, my most vivid memories are of the Wildebeest crossing the Mara River but of course but the lion sightings are no less impressive! We had a great many opportunities this time around and what was a bit new for me was the number of cubs we encountered.  […]

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Phil Witt - As always, Roman, beautiful images. And they bring back good memories of our Tanzania trip with you.

Lee Wuenn - You got that second from the top to smile! I like its teeth. Lee

roamin with roman - Thanks Phil! It is always great to relive that trip!

roamin with roman - Lots of practice to get that one Lee 🙂

Susan Candelario - Breathtaking series. A trip of a lifetime for sure. It’s on our bucket list and of course in one of your tours.

Grace Evans - Wonderful photographs of Tanzania! So happy that you’re sharing them.

August Tour to Tanzania Bird Report

I wanted to share with you all some of the variety of species of birds you will find in Tanzania.  These are from my last tour in August. Many of you know that I really enjoy photographing birds, especially in flight!  Much to the dismay of some of my clients, who are proficient in bird […]

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Susan Candelario - Impressive series here, Roman! Beautiful!!!

Grace Evans - Wonderful bird images! Oh my, they are impressive . . .

Radio City Music Hall Workshop Announcement! *Sold Out!*

I am thrilled to announce an exciting new private workshop to be held at the Historic Radio City Music Hall!  This landmark is an Art Deco paradise with sweeping lines and vivid colors all beautifully and painstakingly restored to its original glory!  It is being co-led by great friend and fantastic photographer Susan Candelario.  As […]

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Susan Candelario - Sweet & Awesome!!! Can’t wait to go back.

Dave Mills - Looks like a great place to shoot…nice images!!

Carla Francis - I am looking forward to this workshop.
Radio City is just beautiful

roamin with roman - Sure is Carla and we are going ot have a blast! Nice to do something different too!

Maria Nogues - WOW!!!

Lisa - OOOH I wan to go but we are already booked for May 6th Drats! I hope that you have a blast and that you do this again! I want to go!

Brendan Dozier - These are awesome, Roman, what a cool place to shoot!

roamin with roman - Thanks Brendan! Too bad you are out in CA! I am headed out to SF in mid Sept. I will be combining a few workshops there with my speakng engagement…..stay tuned!

Janet Bongiovanni - Hold a place for me Roman – I’ll give you the $$ sometime this month or I can send it. Thanks

Radio City Music Hall Workshop New Date Announcement! « Roamin' With Roman Photo Tours Blog - […] We will have opportunities to photograph the main theater, the grand lobby (pictured below), multiple powder room (including the magnificent ladies lounge pictured above), and many other areas not available to the general public.  You can see some images of the areas from my first Radio City blog post here.  […]

Water Drops on My Mind

I couple of years back a great friend of mine, Susan Candelario introduced me to the exciting world of high-speed water drop photography.  I have been hooked ever since.  Susan had been doing them for many years.  As many of you know, she now even has a how to e-book on the subject.  I always […]

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Susan Candelario - Hey Roman, I still smile when I think of that day. We had a blast!!! I love all your images but I luv, luv, luv then one with the heart. Only bad thing is now you made me want to work on a few of my images from that day. LOL Anthony asked when was this… I said remember the day when we were making sounds to keep our timing (you being the choir director) and the bangs on the table from Roman And Nick.? He said oh yeah I remember that quite alright. God I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Betty rocks as well. Can’t wait till the next time.

Betty Wiley - that was such a fun day! Who knew that by bumping the table that we’d get a cool effect like a heart. I can’t wait to do water drops again! You guys rock!

roamin with roman - Bu, rest, bu! Did Nick get the timing down? 🙂 As usual, you never know…..

roamin with roman - It was a blast! I absolutely, positively, knew that bumping the table would do that :)…….not! I call those happy accidents!!!

The Wildebeest Crossing the Mara

My tour to Tanzania had to be the highlight of the 2011 schedule.  That trip allowed me to realize a childhood dream of witnessing the crossing of the Mara River by the wildebeest.  Many of you will recognize the image above as it was my favorite of 2011!  That spectacle left such an impression on […]

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docnick5 - Great series Roman! I hope to make one of these trips someday.

Len Cardinale - Incredible images as usual. No kidding really awesome!

pkurywczak - Absolutely breathtaking!!!

Toby Spector - That was fantastic!!! I am living vicariously through your wonderful images. Thanks for sharing.

David DesRochers - Thanks for posting more images from this day. You really captured some exciting moments. Makes me want to go back.

roamin with roman - You should! Top of my list!

roamin with roman - Thanks Len!

roamin with roman - Thanks Toby! glad you’re enjoying them!

roamin with roman - You should Dave! Witnessing the births were amazing but this was unbelievable!

roamin with roman - Will have to have Susan make a canvas of the crossing!

Betty Wiley - WOW, Roman…it’s easy to see why the image of the wildebeest crossing was your favorite of 2011…that’s a life-time shot in my opinion. It’s truly spectacular and it almost looks like a painting with that light. Your trips are the best…I’m going to save my pennies so someday I can go on this trip!

roamin with roman - Thanks Betty! It truly was a life long dream to see this!
Looking forward to the fun we’re going to have and getting some killer shots in Florida!

Susan Candelario - Amazing and Stellar images. Never had the good fortune to visit Africa and photograph such amazing scenes… but your images just transported me there. That’s what is all about and as usual you did a great job at it! New item for by bucket list.

Steve - Hi Roman, the above images certain convey the mass hysteria that these animal make prior & during the crossing and the first two images show that. They know they need to make the crossing, however they also know the dangers that lay in wait. Incredible to think they will doing the same thing six months later in reverse. Amazing that herds of 20-30,000+ massing to cross, can soon quickly disappear in a very short space of time, especially when you least expect it 🙂

You need to add sound to these shots to add the icing on the cake.


roamin with roman - Thanks Steve! The whole drama of the story is mind boggling. I do have to start doing a bit of video because the sound is incredible too!