E-book Released!

I am thrilled to announce the release of my e-book:   This guide is the result of over 15 years of research on making night photography simple for everyone in today’s digital age.  It is designed to take the myths and misconceptions out of night photography and simplify it so that you can go out […]

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Pura - Congratulations!!!
Love it! I may actually learn something!

denise ippolito - Roman, You are the king of Night Sky images!! Congratulations on your new book!!! You are a wonderful photographer with many years of experience, I’m sure your book will be a great success. I can’t wait to read my copy!!!

Nick Palmieri - Congratulations Roman! Great job on the book.

Phil Witt - Just finished reading the ebook, Roman. Excellent job. Very clear. Very helpful. Dave DesRochers and I (and Becky and Cathy) will be in Belize the end of March, and one of our goals is to shoot star points and star trails over the Mayan temples, so this will be very helpful.


Pete Bonacci - Good Luck with your e-book it looks great. I also posted your e-book release on Stumble under photography.

Geri DeGennaro - I am so excited for you. Congratulations on being published and of course all your hard work. Love your website too!

Dave Mills - For anyone serious about getting unique night images this is the book to get.
The book offers a clear,step by step process on how to achieve great nighttime imagry. Great job!!

Judy Howle - Congratulations Roman! I have admired your night photos and I’m sure the book will be a hit!

Amelia McGoldrick - Interesting and informative book. Good luck with it!

Arches December 2010 Trip Report

A little late on this post but was just going trough some images from my December trip to Arches for some serious night photography.  As is usually the case, the weather had other ideas in store for me but as this was my vacation, I decided to make the most of the situation. I have […]

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denise ippolito - All beautiful images Roman, My favorite are the B&W silhouettes and of course the start trails! Can’t wait for your book to come out so I can try my hand at that night-time stuff 🙂

Zion/Bryce 2010 Trip Report

Hey All, I have just returned from my Zion and Bryce tour and wanted to provide you all an update!  This tour continued my quest to capturing the iconic locations we all photograph during the day with a twist!  Night time provides these opportunities  and the clear skies when I arrived  made for some great night opportunities and […]

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Susan Candelario - Roman these images are B R E A T H T A K I N G! You really know your stuff. No matter what you set yourself out to do… you do it top notch. WOW how I wish I would of been part of this tour. But I am happy just thinking about the ones in 2011-12 that I will be attending. I just can’t wait!!!! I am so excited.

denise ippolito - Amazing images Roman, You are the night time master of photography!!

Yellowstone/Grand Tetons 2010

I’ve been home  for two hectic weeks now wanted to share with you some new stuff I did during my 2 weeks in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons!  I’ve been fortunate to have visited both parks numerous times over the years, but this year I had a vision of trying to capture some of the iconic […]

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denise ippolito - Roman, The images are fantastic as usual. I can’t wait for your new PDF to come out. Thank you kindly for your congratulations and nice comments.
Big Congrats to you as well – NJFCC Tops in NJ has your images all over the place!! How many different categories did you win!!!!

Flowers on My Mind

Well, it’s spring so my mind turns to macro photography….specifically flowers!  I find that flower photogrpahy is the most accessible to us as all it takes is going to the local supermarket or nursery and buying some beautiful flowers, like the one below, to photograph.  Besides…..it gives me some huge brownie points with my wife!  I am running a […]

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denise ippolito - Roman, Beautiful images and I am getting geared for the workshops!