I was giving my hands on macro presentation at a local camera club a few days ago and the image above reminded me of the long journey and hard work that it took to get to where I am. It also sparked an idea to share with you about one thing that I have learned […]

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Hawaii 2017 Workshop Report

I have just returned from Hawaii and I can’t begin to explain how awesome the workshop was! Because the lava was flowing like a burst hose on the Big Island, that experience jumped to number 3 of my photography highs of all time!!! It was incredible to witness and photograph and as usual….I changed my […]

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Whether it is a dramatic sunrise/sunset or a beautiful red flower, the color red is a challenging color to photograph. Why? In today’s digital photography world, most pros have taught you to push your histogram to the right edge without touching it and using your highlight alert indicator to show that you have no/very few blown […]

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Chuck Swindle - Excellent info about macro photography. I will get serious about macro photography !

The Impact of a Vertical Comp

Many elements have an effect on the success of an image including color, composition, and subject, but it needs to have an immediate impact if it is to be truly successful and the most overlooked aspect of composition is composing vertically. It is by far my favorite element and combined with an ultra wide-angle lens […]

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William Palmer - Both are beautiful, but I agree about the vertical and the closer position.

Gary Kohn - I agree with you, Roman. The vertical, in this case, gives me a greater sense of place. When I look at it, I feel like I belong there. It’s the combination of the mountain and it’s shape, along with the waterfalls and their placement, that call out for a vertical shot.