The Impact of a Vertical Comp

Many elements have an effect on the success of an image including color, composition, and subject, but it needs to have an immediate impact if it is to be truly successful and the most overlooked aspect of composition is composing vertically. It is by far my favorite element and combined with an ultra wide-angle lens […]

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William Palmer - Both are beautiful, but I agree about the vertical and the closer position.

Gary Kohn - I agree with you, Roman. The vertical, in this case, gives me a greater sense of place. When I look at it, I feel like I belong there. It’s the combination of the mountain and it’s shape, along with the waterfalls and their placement, that call out for a vertical shot.

Washington State Workshop Report

I have always loved the Pacific Northwest and I was really looking forward to running my workshop there even with the challenges I knew we would face with the weather…. especially on Mt. Rainier. I made sure I scheduled enough days on the mountain so we could focus on the waterfalls but also have plenty […]

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The Problem with Reflections

I have always been fascinated with reflection shots and often plan them on my landscape shots even going so far as carrying water to make “Lake Roman” as you can see in the image above. I have tried to incorporate this into my macro photography teaching and purchased some black Plexiglas to make on demand reflections. […]

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Bob Oswald - I like the lower on better. It isn’t as busy and the vase doesn’t distract me (and I’m easily distracted) like the entire vase and flower above does. I’ve got to give this a try. You got some terrific shots right out of the gate!

Roman - Let’s see who agrees with us!

Natalya Pluzhnikov - I love the idea but agree with you concerning those two images. However, I think that part of the problem is that the image is strictly vertical. Diagonal subject might do better, or square format, possibilities are endless.

Lee - Love the 3 flowers reflections and the second vase reflection! Will have to try this!

Megg McNamee - No comparison! The second image is much easier on the eye.

Pat Konyha - I definitely love the 2nd attempt better than the 1st. It has more soul, more feeling to it. It brings in an emotion to the Orchid that the fist shot is lacking due to the majority of the photograph being of the vase itself. Reflecting the base of the vase in the second one gives it an illusion that the vase is taller but the viewer can understand the reflection so it does not detract from the image at all.

Marion Faria - I don’t care for the vase seems the glass has too many facets to me and detracts from the shot. However, I love the flowers lying on the black plexiglass.

Sylvia Weisbrot - Did you notice the face in the double flower vase? It looks like jester..2 eyes, nose and long pointed chin.

Arthur Okula - Three gerbera flowers image is simply marvelous, and that is all I have to say about that photo. Both shots with the vase are much less appealing. However the bottom image is a good example of partial mirroring effect used as a creative tool to manipulate desired shape and size of the photographed subject. Unfortunately “competing points of interest” problem between vase (and it’s partial reflection to a lesser extent) and the orchid still exists there. They all equally scream out loud for attention. Matching highlights and overall brightness level of the vase with its reflection may be worth trying though.

Susie Brent - Looking forward to your workshop in St. Louis

First Florida Birds in Flight Workshop Update

I’m headed off to SW Florida for my second bird in flight workshop but wanted to give you an update on the first one. On this trip, I used the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens exclusively. Why? Its lighter weight than the Sport really makes it easy to hand hold, even for each 2&1/2 hour session […]

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John Marchegiani - I have a Sigma 150-500 lens. Is it worth the money to upgrade to the Sigma 150-600 contemporary? I use the lens mostly for wildlife photography. I have a Canon 70D.

Roman - Absolutely! There is a significant improvement in both the AF and OS from that model and you should get around $300 for the other lens.

Jean Allgood - Do you mind if I ask what camera setting you use to photograph birds in flight? I have the Sigma 150-500 on Canon 7Dii and use AV wide open. Eyes and most of the bird are sharp except for wing tips.

Also, I take many pictures that usually turn out (partly due to my Sigma and cameras now take pics so rapidly) so I’m 3 yrs behind. What method and software do you use to go through them more quickly and how do you edit?

Thanks so much and I just discovered your site today and will explore it further.

Roman - Hi Jean, this video will explain all my settings:

Stephen Sinksen - Hello Roman,

I just watched your “paradigm shift” video. Great information!!!

I have one question – I have a Canon 7d Mark II and am considering getting one of the Sigma 150-600 zoom lenses and the 1.4 TC. My understanding is that anything slower than f8 I will be limited to manual focus. This combination comes in at about f8.4. Is there any chance I will still retain auto focus?


Roman - I have that camera body and it does indeed AF at f/9 with our new TC 1401… guarantee with other TC’s.

Yellowstone/Tetons 2016 Workshop Report

This was my 16th trip to Yellowstone NP and I have to say, it never gets old!  This year, my workshop was a bit different, as I had to adjust the schedule for my tours and keynote presentation for the PSA conference. As luck would have it, the schedule change and weather patterns coincided to […]

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Mariann - Thanks very much for posting your shots. They are fabulous. I’m just starting on night photography, and these give me impetus to do more and keep working on them.

Roman - Thank you for the kind words and stopping by!

Sylvia Weisbrot - Roman.again you take my breath away! I was really saying ooooo and aaaawwww to myself.

Rosemary Smith - Your photography is fabulous, creative and always interesting.

Roman - Thank you Rosemary!

Roman - Thanks Sylvia!

Joyce True - Looking forward to your workshop for LWRDPC.

Bill Palmer - Love your work, would like to join you on a workshop. Keep me posted on future workshop trips. Thanks.

Marcy N - Your video on Photography After dark was very informative. Thank you. I look forward to more tips and inspiration!

Roman - Best way is to check the schedule often but I will add you to the advanced notice list.