New Year/New Passion

    Happy New Year!!! My boys, Greg and Ian, have traveled with me extensively in the US and Canada.  They have had the privilege of seeing some of the most remarkable places on earth but we haven’t had a “family vacation” in a long time.  Why?  Life, kids sports, family commitments. finances…..these are things […]

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Susan Candelario - Loving all of your aerials, Roman!!! Even though what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… I’ll break the rule this time 😃 and say what I told you there: There is nothing that you set your sights on, or that is thrown at you that you don’t achieve and excel at.
We had an awesome time photographing with a real friend a pro photographer in Sin City!!!
Happy New Year Dr. RK and to the whole gang. 😁

Sigma 150-600mm Comparisons

A recent article on a popular Nature Photography forum about the new Nikon 600mm prime really drew my ire when he dismissed the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary and Sport (as well as the Tamron version) as “entry level” wildlife lenses. I have used the Canon prime 600mm so I can very easily compare the quality of […]

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Steve - My Sigma 150-500 seems really soft to me. How do these new lenses compare compare to my old lens?

Roman - Hey Steve, I did a blog for Sigma on that lens: so not sure but some poeple I know have sent itinto service with their camera body and the repair dept did adjustments to it internally…..and that seemed to help. That being said….the new OS and drive motors are the newest generation…..hence making it faster and better performing than the 150-500. Remember….there is a 4 year warranty so you should still be covered. Hope this helps.

Roman - and if you look through the blog…..there are a number by me featuring the new lenses:

Cynthia - Hi Roman, First, let me tell you how much I LOVE your photography. I recently purchased the Sigma 150-600 Contemporary lens, along with the dock. Must admit, I am going through a steep learning curve. My goal is to take as beautiful photographs as yours. Thank you for this great blog–as I shoot with Canon, and all of my glass is “L” series. This is my first third party lens, and must admit it’s build is fantastic for a $1000. lens.

Roman - Thanks Cynthia and with practice….you will master that lens for bird photography!

Konstantin Georgiadis - Hi Roman, I have recently determined that my 150-600mm C mounted on my 7D Mk II was backfocusing. The method I used was very empirical, i.e. placing 5 AA batteries close together at a 45° angle on a flat surface and focusing on the lettering of the middle battery. Based on the results, I made a 1-click correction with the USB dock and sharpness has improved but I am wondering if there is a more accurate/quantitative method to determine how much of an adjustment is needed so that I can optimize my body/lens combo. Thanks!

Iceland 2015 Workshop Report

Since I am home for a month I figured I could play catch up on a few blogs and announce the spring 2016 Iceland workshop! As usual, the Icelandic weather gave us pretty much everything you could imagine including a few totally clear days, which is a first for me! You really can’t help but […]

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Lynda Marzahn - The photographs are stunning! You certainly capture the best with your keen eye for beauty. I am looking forward to Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons.

Jackie - Love your work! Would love to go to Iceland
Please send me info about your workshop!!
Thank you Jackie

Pat Mann - Thanks for a wonderful experience!! I would recommend Roman’s workshops to anyone who doesn’t mind roaming (ha) for great photos, adventures and a few breaks with great conversation. I’m looking forward to whatever my next trip is going to be! Hope it’s soon

No Fear Photography

  Every time I pick up my camera, I can’t help but think how powerful that tool is. I don’t mean in the philosophical sense…. I mean hardware. I’m not talking about just the pro bodies like my Canon 1Dx or similar. I’m talking about the entry level DSLR’s and even point and shoots. The […]

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Sylvia Weisbrot - lovely as usual!! Are you doing any classes or local trips?

Roman - Thanks Sylvia! I don’t have any more this year as my schedule is completely full until the end of this year. Sorry. I hope to add more next year.

The Definitive Cape Cod e-book!

I just finished reading what has to be the best e-book on Cape Cod for photographers by an extremely talented photographer herself: Betty Wiley.  Her in depth e-book covers the entire Cape with stunning images as well as GPS coordinates for each location.  She also provides precise details on when the best time is to photograph […]

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Jim Hawkins - I’m going this fall. Must have your book. Took a class with Roman in Nashville.