2014 Year in Review

  The year is coming to an end and as I sit back and reflect on 2014 a few things really stand out and I would like to share them with you. I am thrilled to say that 2014 has been the most successful year for Roamin’ with Roman & myself personally in both workshops […]

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Pat Noell - Your writing is as good as your photography. I had so much fun at VLA. Thank you for that. Now I am scraping to find the money to come back in January for the photographers’ intensive workshops, but I just can’t get the IRS to agree to wait for their money. Sob.

admin - Thanks Pat! Maybe the next one!

Mike Cohen - Roman, I agree. Fantastic time at Bosque and the VLA was the highpoint. If I didn’t have to get back to FL for Thanksgiving I would have stayed to go out again on Saturday. I enjoyed meeting you and hope to catch up with you before to long.


admin - Thanks Mike, I will be down in FL sometime around Christmas so maybe then!

Harold Klein - Roman,
Agree with the comments above, the VLA was an outstanding experience!
May our paths cross again soon!!

What’s in my bag?

People often ask me what’s in my bag?  That is a complicated question as it really depends on where I am going but I always have my 2 Canon 1D Mark lll bodies. But before I get accused of just promoting Sigma lenses because I am on the pro team, let me state that I […]

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Yellowstone/Tetons 2014 Report

I just returned from the Teton/Yellowstone tour and all I could think about is how much things have changed over the last 23 years that I have been coming but the greater Yellowstone ecosystem is still is one of the most incredible places that I have the privilege of visiting. I have stood in front […]

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Pura - Gorgeous!!! Great blog!

Jacki - You make me want to go back! The images are sooo beautiful!

Nancie Bozza - Love the commentary and photos!

admin - Thanks Jacki!

admin - Thanks Nancie!

Megg - Roman-
Terrific stuff. You sure go the skies to cooperate!

admin - Thanks Megg! Always working on the cloud switch 🙂

How do you judge photographers?

With all the new advancements in the digital photography world, it seems that everyone prematurely considers themselves a “pro”photographer.  I have spoken with countless professionals, which included everything from other nature photographers all the way to wedding photographers and everything in between.  The response has been the same across the board.  It is tough out […]

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Iceland 2014 Tour Report

Iceland is my favorite location for landscape photography for many reasons. but this year was a bit challenging due to the rainy weather.  For the first time in 11 years I had to cancel shooting a day!  While conditions were challenging, I decided not to fight them and embraced the stormy skies.  The image above […]

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Terry - I love the church photo. The reflection is stunning.