November 24 or 25, 2014

Bosque del Apache NWR Birds in flight and more!

These one-day workshops are designed to coincide with my presentations at the Festival of Cranes.  The group size is limited to 6 and will concentrate on getting tack sharp birds in flight as well as stunning night landscape images.  This will be my 6th time at Bosque and as usual, I will be flexible with the itinerary to maximize our chances based on the conditions. The group will meet before sunrise each morning with the location provided when you arrive. The shoots will last approximately 3 hours.  We will break for the harsh midday light and meet again in the afternoon for approximately a 3-hour sunset shoot.  The cost of this full day workshop is $225.  Unlike my other tours, lodging and transportation are not included in the cost.  Sign up for both days and take an additional $50 off.


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