Fonthill Castle HDR Workshop: From Capture to Output

Hi All,

I am pleased to announce my first Fonthill Castle Museum HDR workshop: From Capture to Output. It is located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  The date is July 24th and the cost is $350. This workshop is being co-led by Susan Candelario and is limited to 9 participants.  We have been trying to get into the castle for quite a while now.  Photography is generally not permitted inside or outside on the grounds without special permission. Last year, they only gave us permission to photograph outside or hand held in very few areas. After months of negotiations, we have just received special permission to go inside with our tripods before the public is allowed in!  It will begin promptly at 8am to photograph the exterior of the castle and then we will move indoors for a few hours.  After a break for lunch, we will go over some processing programs to help you maximize the quality of your images.  A laptop and HDR software is highly recommended!  Feel free to e-mail me at for any additional information.

Sorry all……this one is sold out so hope I can get another date!

roamin with roman - Sorry all……this one is sold out so hope I can get another date!

Pura Kurywczak - Looks like a very interesting place!

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