New Year/New Passion


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Happy New Year!!!

My boys, Greg and Ian, have traveled with me extensively in the US and Canada.  They have had the privilege of seeing some of the most remarkable places on earth but we haven’t had a “family vacation” in a long time.  Why?  Life, kids sports, family commitments. finances…..these are things most people face in life and Pura and I were no exception. This year I decide to splurge (two boys in college….what was I thinking?) and take the family to Hawaii.  Pura and I have been there before….Greg was 10 months old (Pura was 3 months pregnant with Ian ) but this was the first time all of us would share the experience together as adults. For those of you who don’t know…..aerial photography is now one of my favorite things to do.  Not drones ( they are illegal in most National Park’s)… but helicopters. My bucket list dream has been to photograph the volcanoes erupting from the air so I was thrilled to share that moment with my sons as seen in the image above.

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I also have been expanding my portfolio by photographing cities from the air.  My latest is the Las Vegas strip when I traveled with Susan Candelario shortly after my Hawaii trip. What a rush… I look forward to pushing the envelope with aerial photography in 2016 and beyond and don’t forget to check out the ever expanding aerial gallery!

Happy New Year from my family to yours,


Susan Candelario - Loving all of your aerials, Roman!!! Even though what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… I’ll break the rule this time 😃 and say what I told you there: There is nothing that you set your sights on, or that is thrown at you that you don’t achieve and excel at.
We had an awesome time photographing with a real friend a pro photographer in Sin City!!!
Happy New Year Dr. RK and to the whole gang. 😁

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