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Welcome to paradise!! The tour will start with your arrival in Maui on January 6th.  I strongly advise you get there at least a day early (but we can coordinate that).  We will photograph both day and sometimes at night with afternoon siestas and you can check out the gallery for some of the things you can expect to capture.  On the Big Island, a doors off helicopter ride or boat ride to the volcanoes is included in the cost. Also on the agenda is Kauai where most of the photography will be land based with waterfalls and scenic canyons. On Maui, we will have 2 days of private charter boat for whales (about 3 hours) and maybe get the opportunity to photograph the big surf of Pe’ahi and hopefully a night shoot.  It can be very cold (30 F ) at 10,000 feet! The workshop will conclude with your flight home to the mainland on the red-eye on January 20th.  The cost of this unique 2 week tropical safari is $11,295 (based on DO).  Included are your inter island flights.  It does not include your airfare to Hawaii or meals (which can be expensive but I have a few local places).   Do realize that lava is not a guarantee but we will do 2 helicopter/airplane photo trips and at least 2 boat trips.  As usual, I adjust my schedule to the conditions. If we do not get to go on the helicopters/airplane, I will refund you $400 per person for heli, $200 for plane if we don’t have the opportunity but I have built in time to make sure we get airborne!  The boats should be no problem although they can be rough and if for some reason we couldn’t make it I would also refund $100 per person.This workshop is limited to 4 and the cost is $11,295 based on DO with a single supplement of $1,200.