Ian Goes to College

Todays image was done with an iPhone.  This is my youngest son Ian.  On the left, one year old and today on the right….with a great view of a wall and roof as we brought him to NYU’s school of engineering.  He couldn’t care less about the view and seems about as excited as he will show.  I am extremely proud of him!  The image on the left hangs in our bedroom along with his brother Greg’s and is something I wake up to every morning.  It has reminded me every day what is most important in my life and they sure have made me look good.  Now please excuse me as I shut the office door and have a good cry…..man I am getting soft.

Charles Martyk - A pretty cool looking guy. I hope he competes his present day dream of becoming a great engineer before he meets his Princess. I am confident he has his feet well grounded being your son.
I wish him the most success in the future and congrats DAD.
Have a great day,

admin - Thanks Charles!

Jerry Fornarotto - Good luck and best wishes to Ian!

admin - Thanks Jerry!

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