Iceland 2014 Tour Report

Flying Puffin

Iceland is my favorite location for landscape photography for many reasons. but this year was a bit challenging due to the rainy weather.  For the first time in 11 years I had to cancel shooting a day!  While conditions were challenging, I decided not to fight them and embraced the stormy skies.  The image above of the flying puffin (which I took with the Sigma 150-500mm) was probably the sunniest day we had.


The more I embraced the angry skies, the more I liked what I was seeing in the LCD.  I laid my camera down on the roof of a structure next to the church right in a puddle.  Using the lens hood I propped up the front of the lens a bit and set the 12-24mm at 12mm.  Not wanting to get wet….I used live view to compose and took the series of shots.  This one was processed using just one image.  When the skies were not quite as dramatic I simply avoided them as I did in the church image below.  As you can see from that image as well as the image below that…..we photograph anything on the tour!



Did I mention that there are a few waterfalls in Iceland?  Yes, we photographed the famous ones like Gullfoss (pictured below)  but I found just as much enjoyment at some of the other smaller falls as there were no one around but my group.  Below is jut a small sample of the ones we photographed with most done with the Sigma 12-24mm.



6M7H8059-copy copy


I think the Icelandic horses were laughing at us as we complained about the rain!


My favorite location in Iceland is Jakursalon lagoon and black sand beaches.  The ice gets more blue in overcast conditions. The thing I like most about it is the area is constantly in flux….no other way to describe it!  The small ice looks like 1000’s of cut crystals or diamonds along the beach.  I included a wider view of the beach so you can see how many bergs there can be at one time.



You can see how it can be difficult to isolate subjects and you have to be very careful not to get hit or hurt by rogue waves!


We finished off the tour on the Snaefellsness Peninsula looking to repeat my shot of Mt. Kirkjufell from last year.  Alas the rain did follow us but a few of us in the group did manage to get an angry sky the first night we were out there.  The first view is down a bit lower to eliminate all non natural subjects at 12mm and the second is from a higher vantage point.  I really do like that angry sky!

Mt. Kirkjufell 2014

Wide angle view of Mt. Kirkjufell

Below are some other images I liked from the trip and show the variety of subjects we will encounter.  At the very bottom are a few that I pushed the processing to the max.  I’m look forward to my return tour next year to this magical place!


Flight of the Puffin





Terry - I love the church photo. The reflection is stunning.

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