Macro Flashmaster Workshop Series Announced

Dragonfly and Water Lily

Macro Flashmaster Workshop

Most pros, including me, have been teaching you to photograph macro subjects in bright overcast conditions. This workshop is designed for the advanced shooter who is unsure of when or how to properly use the flash and achieve tack sharp images with maximum depth of field no matter what the conditions!  I will show you how your flash freezes movement (yours and the subjects) so you can ditch the tripod out in the field or in places that don’t allow them. I will teach you what you need to do when the weatherman is wrong yet again and you arrive at your location on a sunny day. I will show you how to use your flash settings to get stunning macro images even in sunny or less than ideal conditions.  By the end of this 3-hour course you will learn to master your macro flash once and for all!


This advanced course is limited to 4 people and locations will vary by date.  The cost for this three-hour hands-on workshop is $175 and will include your entry fee.

You need complete knowledge of your camera controls, as we will be shooting only in Manual Mode.  Bring your fully charged camera; spare battery, memory cards, external Speedlight or macro light (twin lights or ringlight) or both, macro lens in the 100-180mm range, longer lens in the 200-400mm range, and a wheeled cart or bag to carry your stuff around.  If you absolutely must, bring a tripod but I will be teaching you how to liberate yourself from it!  This workshop is rain or shine with opportunities for both indoor and outdoor photography so bring proper protection for yourself and your gear.


Macro Flashmaster Workshop Series

Dates for 2016

July 9, 10, 23, or 24 @ 10am Bronx, NY  ***Max 4 people per session***



Check the schedule often as I will be adding locations and dates to this series throughout the coming months.



Gary Kohn - Hi, Roman…I am interested in attending the August 16, 2014 workshop, but have a few questions first.
My macro lens, with the crop factor, is 70mm…I can add a 2x teleconverter, which makes it a 140mm, as well as a couple extension tubes…will this work? Or I can add extension tubes to the far end of my intermediate telephoto at a 300mm equivalent.
My flash is the Olympus FL600R, which may be one you are not familiar with.

admin - Hi Gary,
That can work with the teleconverters. I would also bring the longer with tubes. I am not familiar with the flash….but do you know how to power it up or down? Let me know,

Beth starr - Roman, please sign me up for the August 10th date 2014 in the Bronx! Will you be in touch about payment and to confirm?

admin - Sending you an email Beth and Thanks!

Ginger Werz-Petricka - Roman, do you still have room for August 16 at Kennett Square, I’m guessing that means Longwood Gardens? I would like to sign up. Thanks, Ginger

admin - Hi Ginger, yes I do still have room and you are correct….it is in Longwood Gardens. You can use a credit card through PayPal if you like and just enter the amount in and the date in the notes. You can find a PayPal link at the bottom of my schedule workshop page.

Ginger Werz-Petricka - Roman, I just paid for the Kennett Square Macro workshop for August 16 on Paypal, did not see a place to enter a note so it will look like a mystery payment. It will show up to you as being from Mary Werz-Petricka.



admin - Hi Ginger,
I just sent you an email with confirmation and now I know it is for the 16th at Longwood Gardens. See you there and thanks!

Gary Kohn - Roman….my schedule has been cleared and I would like to join you on August 16 in Kennett Square…how do I pay and register? Gary

Gary Kohn - Roman…I just paid on Paypal for the August 16 Longwood Garden session on macro flash…looking forward to it…Gary

admin - Got it Gary and Thanks! See you at Longwood at 9am on the 16th.

Janyce Hess - Hi Roman,

Please include me in the Bronx May 17 workshop. Botanical Gardens?

admin - Hi Janyce, a group has already committed to that date but I can let you know if someone drops out. There was a question on one person so will keep you posted.

Jordan Basem - Roman sign me up for

July 11 2015 session


Roman - Thanks Jordan, I will send you an email for payment info or you can use the PayPal link on the bottom of the workshop page.

Janyce - are u planning any addtl flash workshops at Longwood Gardens? I’d rather go there than the Bronx. 🙂

Terri - Hi roman, an interested in attending workshop on July 12 at botanical gardens. Is there still room in class? Thanks, Terri

Roman - Hi Terri,

I had to check with my wife just to make sure….but yes, the 12th is sold out. Only July 11th has space left. I may add the 25th and 26th if the 11th sells out, but right now I have no plans on it.

Thanks for your interest,


Roman - Hi Janyce,

Right now, I am not planning any more this year at Longwood Gardens. I only have spots left for July 11th at the NY Botanical Gardens. I may add the 25th and 26th of July if the 11th fills up, but not to Longwood Gardens.

Thanks for your interest,


Janyce - Roman,

I’d like to attend the July 11 NY Botanical Gardens workshop….would you please send me the info to sign up and pay? thank you!

Lou Lower - Would appreciate knowing when your macro flash course might be available near Chicago over the summer/fall or Florida this coming “season” (November thru May). Sounds great…. Just what I need. If a small class can’t be assembled, any possibility of individual instruction in either of those locals?

Roman - Hey Lou,

I may be able to accommodate either a group or individual private session in that timeframe. Send me an email to with available dates and I will get back to you as I am working my schedule around appearances and workshops to keep costs down for participants.

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