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What’s in my bag?

Sigma Photo

Induro GHB2 Gimbal Head

Induro BHL3 review

Gistec Flashmate Led Video Light for Macro

Singh Ray Vari Neutral Density Filter

Singh Ray Split Neutral Density Filters

Singh Ray Filters Discount (password protected only for clients)

Reflector and Plamp


Myer Bornstein - That is a great filter and worth the price

Nick Palmieri - Great filters especially the one with the polarizer. Great set of images!

Roman Kurywczak - Thanks Guys! Yep… my bag any time I’m going to be near water. Have to see if I can squeeze the polarised one into the budget!

Jules K - Great review, Roman! You’ve convinced me!

What’s in my bag? » Roamin' with Roman Photo Tours - […] That’s it for the cameras, lenses, and tripods.  I hope to make an accessory page shortly but for now you can check out some of the gear I tested on my review page. […]

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