Gistec Flashmate LED Video Light


I know many of you would wonder why I would post a review on a video light… worries, I am still a photographer but I have found a great use for the Gistec Flashmate LED video light for my macro work!  I think this powerful light offers many possible uses for backlighting, side lighting, and perhaps even using it for rim lighting my subjects.  In the image below, I used it to just open up the center of the sunflower as otherwise it would be too dark and without detail.

High Key Blooms

What’s great about the light is that you can adjust both the light intensity as well as the color temp with the very easy to use dials! This allows you to precisely control you light output just where you need it! The constant light source will be ideal for providing some dramatic light to my macro subjects and I will continue to explore some new uses for it!

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Macro Flash Photography » Roamin' with Roman Photo Tours - […] In the image above, I had someone helping hold the 2 flash units while I pressed the lens up against the glass.  The units are slave capable, so the one on the left fired in sequence with the one off the hotshoe but attached with a cord.  This would be nearly impossible by yourself unless you build some sort of holding unit but it would be bulky and cumbersome.  Fortunately, the manufacturers have realized this and built a convenient package in the form of the Twin lights or the ring lights.  When I bought my Canon MT 24 EX twin lights (Nikon shooters you have your own version) it brought immediate changes to my macro work.  At the time, ring lights gave out a very flat light, so that is why I splurged on the twin light. Now, ring lights such as the Sigma EM-140 have changed the game.  They are easy to control just like a normal Speedlight and now you can independently control the output on either the left or right side giving excellent results in a unit that is less than ½ the cost of the twin light units.  I still believe the twin lights provide the best versatility as illustrated in the image below, but ring lights have become a viable option especially when combined with other external light sources such as the Gistec LED video light. […]

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