Sigma 150mm macro lens first impressions

I wasn’t really in any rush to replace my Sigma 180mm macro as it has given me great results over the last 8 years.  The vast majority of my macro gallery were taken using that lens but the new lineup of Sigma O/S macro lenses has intrigued me and I wondered whether I could eek out another stop of natural light when hand holding.  I chose the 150mm macro from the lineup as it was very close in weight to my old 180mm macro (the new 150mm is about 1.5 oz. heavier) and would give me the extra working distance required when approaching insects to photograph.  I chose the 150mm over the new 180mm macro as it weighs in over a pound heavier and its larger diameter front element wouldn’t accept the Canon MT 24EX flash unit, which I almost always use for my macro images. If I didn’t photograph insects, I would have chosen the Sigma 105mm macro lens and saved myself almost another pound of weight when compared to the 150mm.  Here are a few of my first images with the lens when I was down in Florida over the holidays.

Backlit Orhid

Inside an Orhid

Piano Key Butterfly

Graceful Orchid

I’m really looking forward to putting the lens through its paces and I will give a more in-depth  analysis in the coming months…..but for now…..this lens sure looks like a winner!

Susan Candelario - Beautiful Images and clean backgrounds. Love the clarity, colors and details. Very nice job, Big Guy!

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