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The Impact of a Vertical Comp

Many elements have an effect on the success of an image including color, composition, and subject, but it needs to have an immediate impact if it is to be truly successful and the most overlooked aspect of composition is composing vertically. It is by far my favorite element and combined with an ultra wide-angle lens […]

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Iceland 2015 Workshop Report

Since I am home for a month I figured I could play catch up on a few blogs and announce the spring 2016 Iceland workshop! As usual, the Icelandic weather gave us pretty much everything you could imagine including a few totally clear days, which is a first for me! You really can’t help but […]

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Iceland 2014 Tour Report

Iceland is my favorite location for landscape photography for many reasons. but this year was a bit challenging due to the rainy weather.  For the first time in 11 years I had to cancel shooting a day!  While conditions were challenging, I decided not to fight them and embraced the stormy skies.  The image above […]

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