Tanzania 2013 Tour Report

People often ask me what is my favorite place to photograph? I have been to some pretty spectacular places but I can answer without hesitation; Tanzania. The diversity of birds and animals and the wildness is unmatched in any other location I have been to. This was my 4th time in Tanzania on safari and each time has been very different.  While we often see the same subjects such as the lion in the image above, the locations and interaction has always been unique.  We found this somewhat beat up male in the Ngorongoro Crater in the early morning light very close to the road.   He paid absolutely no attention to us and the vehicles that gathered round and soon walked off to do what lions normally do…..sleep!  Reminds me of my cat at home!!!

On this trip we encountered more elephants than in all my previous trips there!  The interaction among them is just amazing to watch and it is always fun to watch the young ones play as the adults keep a close watch on them.  They have been known to charge a vehicle now and then but this herd in Tarangire NP mostly ignored us and went about cooling off in the waters of the swamp.

As usual on my trips to Tanzania, we also like to focus on some of the great variety of birds that are present.  I captured the image above of the dancing Crowned Cranes just as the sun was rising in the crater.  They are quite a spectacular bird and the few frames I got of the courting ritual were a first for me.  In the images below, you get a good idea of some of the varieties of species you will find, some pretty….some pretty ugly, and I still have about 65 gigs of images to go through!

We did get a chance to see many of the usual suspects on this trip with the exception of the rhino’s.  Although we did get more sightings of leopards 2 years ago, this year we found only 2. I had the Sigma 300-800mm on as one climbed down from the rocks late one afternoon.  While I generally prefer cleaner images of wildlife, the image below of the leopard in the grass showed just how well they blend in with their surroundings!  I then quickly zoomed in for the portrait shot as he walked very close to the gathered vehicles.

The main reason to go to Tanzania in August is a chance to some river crossing of the massive herds of wildebeest.  We did get to witness a crossing but the light was working slightly against us so I tried a backlit high key image as shown in the image below.

It is just amazing to watch them gather along the river edge….then inexplicably get spooked!  There is a good reason for that as there were many crocs lurking in the Mara River.  I’ve debated showing you the image sequence below but decided to share it with you, as this is life in the Serengeti.   The wildebeest are the minnows of the earth and while this may seem cruel to some, it is an everyday occurrence and just keep in mind that the numbers of wildebeest continue to thrive!

If you are interested in joining my 2014 Tanzania tour the tentative dates are from July 25th – August 8th.  This may change as I am requesting specific accommodations but should be confirmed shortly, but you should e-mail me immediately at; rkurywczak@gmail.com to be put on the advanced notice list as I give them a two-week exclusive.  I’ve included many images below to just show you a fraction of the variety of species you will encounter on Safari.  Don’t forget that my safari is luxurious and tips are included as is a visa.

Rick Beldegreen - Hey Roman
Great stuff as usual. Check out my new and still developing website (just for fun, nothing serious). I’m leaving in 3 days for 2 months in S Africa and Botswana. I’ll be in touch when i get back
Take care

admin - Thanks Rick! Website is looking good! Have a great trip and safe travels!!!

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