Washington State Workshop Report

Sunset at Ruby Beach

I have always loved the Pacific Northwest and I was really looking forward to running my workshop there even with the challenges I knew we would face with the weather…. especially on Mt. Rainier. I made sure I scheduled enough days on the mountain so we could focus on the waterfalls but also have plenty of opportunities for night photography. The weather changes very quickly and the shot below is one of the only opportunities we had at sunrise where we could actually see the mountain. The fog lifted and then came back in just a matter of minutes!

_34Q6414 copy

The same pattern held true at night although we did get one good night to photograph the cascades of Myrtle falls along with the wildflowers. I illuminated the falls and wildflowers with some strategic light painting.

_34Q6307 copy

_34Q6339 copy

On the rainy days, I focused the group on some waterfall photography although we did get a few breaks with some dramatic clouds.

_34Q6527 copy

_34Q6750 copy

_34Q6604 copy

We left Mt. Rainier and headed over to Olympic NP to concentrate on the Hoh rain forest (with a straight shot and a zoom blur) as well as the sea stacks along the coast. The image up top was from the one afternoon we had with a spectacular sunset and the image below is from the same day just a bit earlier. I played with dragging the shutter to get the silky look on the water that I wanted.


_34Q7275 copy

_34Q7281 copy

The highlight of the workshop for me was the peak night of the Perseids meteor shower. We made it out to the sea stacks just as the moon was setting. I really like this image but I have to tell you that just being out there and enjoying the show was one of the most incredible nights I have ever spent out in the field.

_34Q7405 copy

We also did get a chance to do some city photography of Seattle both from Kerry Park and at the Public Market.


At Pike

A few of us also spent an extra day to photograph the city at night from a helicopter. I am officially hooked on this genre of photography and am already looking forward to my next aerial adventure!



If you would like to join me for this exciting workshop in 2017 please check out the description here on my schedule page and below are some more images of waterfalls as well as some of the creative blurs we tried out.

_34Q7045 copy
_34Q7029 copy
_34Q6986 copy
_34Q6796 copy
_34Q6701 copy

_34Q6773Madcap falls copy
_34Q6836 copy
_34Q6830 copy

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