Yellowstone/Tetons 2012 Tour Report

The Sun set on another day  in Yellowstone

Hope everyone has recovered from the holidays!  With my back going out just in time for Christmas, I have had some time to ponder on the year that has just passed and remembered I needed to share my tour report from Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons!  The image above of Great Fountain Geyser is a good representation of why, as a landscape photographer, I love going back to the same locations.  I have stood at that spot countless times over the years and am always amazed how every day is different and this allows me to look for different or unusual compositions and even take some risks.  Photographing into the sun is always challenging, but my job was made a bit easier by simply using a 3 f/stop, soft step graduated split neutral density filter and the Darryl Benson reverse graduated neutral density filter; both by Singh Ray.  This allowed me to keep the sun and sky in check and expose for the foreground and bring out all the details in it.

Young Bull

This year we had many more opportunities with the moose.  While the biggest bull we came upon never got to a good light angle, the youngster shown above gave the group a bit of a scare/thrill as he ran into the open among a herd of buffalo!  We even had a bit of time to follow him along the river as he made a dash for a female that was about ½ mile away.  The two images below show the same young bull jumping over a tiny creek and then ”sniffing” the scent of the nearby female who wanted nothing to do with the youngster!

On the Move

Catching the Scent

 A few moments before the moose came charging out, a pronghorn sheep bull came casually sneaking up on us to within 30 feet!  The Sigma 300-800mm was way too much lens at that range but we did get many more opportunities to photograph them at a bit more comfortable distance.


As usual in Yellowstone and the Tetons at that time of year, we had many opportunities for both the elk and buffalo although I have noticed that they have moved away from their usual locations from the past.

Bull Elk in Fall Colors

Along the River

Frosty Morning Buffalo



What always makes the Yellowstone ecosystem so unique is the variety of subjects you have to photograph; from dramatic landscape to wildlife and even birds……that tour always lands on the top of my list for favorite tours! Below is an example of some of the variety we had in photographing the landscapes but no tour would be complete without at least one nighttime shoot!!!  I used DxO Labs Optics Pro 8 to reduce the noise in the night image.  I look forward to using it a bit more and reviewing it in the near future.

White Dome at Night

Oxbow Bend 2012

Orange Mound Spring

Fall in the Tetons

Undine Falls 2012

The Yellowstone/Tetons tour is one of my least demanding physically as most of the shooting is done close to the car. I hope you can join me on the 2013 tour and let me share my years of experience and knowledge of this magical place. As always if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at;

Jules Kenward - Unbelievable images, Roman! That top one is incredible but the one with the buffalo on his back REALLY made me smile. Lovely work as always!

roamin with roman - Thanks Jules! It is pretty amusing to watch those huge animals dusting!!!

Maria Nogues - WOW! I cant wait for the girls to get through college so can afford to take the boys>

roamin with roman - All the girls though college??? I may be old by then! We have to do another family tour……including the girls and my boys! A last hurrah!!!

Jacki Dickert - Beautiful and exciting images, Roman! I especially like the first one, with the reflected glow in the water of the terraces and the vertical landscape of the terrace base with the plants anchoring the composition. And the stars, of course!! I need to get out there again. Thanks for the inspiration!

roamin with roman - Thanks Jacki!!! It is my favorite US location because of the diversity……even over my beloved Arches!!!

Susan Candelario - Beautiful images, Roman!!! Glad your back is better.

Megg McNamee - I just might have to go back with you again. What a great and magical place. Nice shots Roman.

roamin with roman - Thanks Megg! We’ll have to start off in Florida! Winter 2014 is on the way!

roamin with roman - Thanks Susan!

Linda Marcrum - Love all your pics. The landscapes are absolutely beautiful. I’ll have to talk with Megg about going on this trip!! See you in Florida….

roamin with roman - Thanks Linda! Megg went last year… might be a tough sell.

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